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Welcome to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Forum. Here DDS thought leaders and experts discuss advanced features of the standard, as well as new directions for the technology, while DDS beginners can get up to speed by learning from past experiences as well as asking questions.
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DDS Hitchhiker's Forum
A forum for discussing DDS technology and getting a better understanding of what problems it solves, and how it compares with similar technologies.
04-18-18  12:42 pm Gregg Shenton 235
DDS Technical Forum
A forum for discussing advanced topics in DDS, as well as areas of extensions and future trends for this technology.
05-16-18  08:01 am Svein Tore Ekre 926
Frequently asked questions for the Data Distribution Service (DDS)
04-18-18  12:43 pm Gregg Shenton 445
Post your questions on the Data Distribution Service and related publish-subscribe middleware technologies and development tools.

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